A realtime photo check based on artificial intelligence.

  • Instant usage of dating service after registration.
  • Reliable recognition of rule conformity
  • Cost savings


Our offer

New standard in realtime photo screening.

You define the rules. We train our AI-Photo-Screening to ensure your rules are applied in realtime to each photo upload for your service.

Customer can start right away.

Customers lost because photo wasn't checked quickly enough? Stuff that checks only at office time?
Using AI-Photo-Screening you can convert each customer directly into a paying customer using your service.

Prevent trouble: Clear rules

We have trained for you the AI with all relevant rules such as: .

  • number of persons
  • real person
  • adult content

Easy API Integration

You would like to start right now? We have a solution for you that allows you an instand and easy integration via REST-API into your existing processes for customer registration.

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