Youth Protection

The recent discussion about the liability of upload filters in the European Union has shown that the legislator forces internet service provider to control content on their platforms to ensure law fulfillment in the virtual world of the internet.
In the past it has been sufficient to react in 1-2 days on complaints to fulfill legal requirements. However it is foreseeable that service provider have to prevent illegal uploads. Focus is on copyright, privacy laws and most importantly youth protection.

In this video you can see how offensive content is recognized and made unrecognizable by a gray square. Our systems are also able to do this in real time, for example during a live broadcast.

Upload Filter

GDPR conform video filter in real-time. We enhance your streams and videos to make them General Data Protection Regulation conform. Even in most difficult street scenes, the faces of the crowed are recognized and masked out.

AI Photo Screening

Realtime screening of profile pictures for your dating service platform

Your advantages:

• Instant usage of dating service after registration
• Reliable recognition of rule conformity
• Cost savings

We have trained for you the AI with all relevant rules.

The following items are recognized as forbidden:

• images containing kids
• pictures with more than one person (privacy policy)
• sexual orientation, nudity
• Violation of copyrights (e.g. comics or celebrities)
• insult, defame or disparage content
• use of banned symbols
• real data (e.g. name, e-mail, address)

On your demand we train our AI with further rules and make those available to you.

You can use AI Photo Screening by simply integrating our REST-API in your existing processes for customer registration.