Youth Protection

The recent discussion about the liability of upload filters in the European Union has shown that the legislator forces internet service provider to control content on their platforms to ensure law fulfillment in the virtual world of the internet.
In the past it has been sufficient to react in 1-2 days on complaints to fulfill legal requirements. However it is foreseeable that service provider have to prevent illegal uploads. Focus is on copyright, privacy laws and most importantly youth protection.

In this video you can see how offensive content is recognized and made unrecognizable by a gray square. Our systems are also able to do this in real time, for example during a live broadcast.

Illegal Symbols

The protection of minors does not only consist of blocking offensive content; in Germany there are actually a number of symbols whose use is fundamentally prohibited. irisnet is able to search for such symbols in images or videos.

Please note that this representation is available on the Internet and is purely for demonstration purposes, how irisnet can protect your service. We expressly distance ourselves from any content that may be associated with this image. Please contact us if you are interested in this product, as we do not want to offer a freely available demo on this topic.