irisnet GmbH entered a partnership with OpenAI

by | Oct 21, 2021

irisnet GmbH entered a partnership with OpenAI. OpenAI LP is a company which, controlled by the non-profit organization OpenAI Inc, deals with research into artificial intelligence (AI).

The goal of OpenAI is to develop and market artificial intelligence on an open source basis in a way that it brings benefits to society and does not harm it.

OpenAI’s main topic is text recognition and this will be the perfect match to irisnet’s main topic of visual computing of images and videos.

Currently, irisnet is evaluating the different APIs of the solutions for different services of text analysis. For example, different kinds of rude behavior have to be checked.

On the long run, irisnet will be able to combine the checks for text, images and videos to cover all forms of communications from a person to another. For example in a chat, personal message or other forms of communications in social media, like a profile page. When two users discussed some time and exchange pictures, it might be different to discussions with other users, which just started the discussion. To cut short a long story: irisnet will be able to moderate of communications; also everyone is able to configure communications scheme according to his personal interest.

All in all, the OpenAI interfaces are the best solution for the recognition of texts, while we keep on to increase the solution of irisnet image and video recognition further during the coming months and years.

Feel free to get an introduction of irisnet products in a personal introduction, just get in touch with the team of irisnet GmbH. The Sales team is happy to give you a virtual tour throughout the product and answer a lot of your questions during the call. On the website, you may also have a look at the different pricing models and can decide, whether this could be a solution for you and your product.

Any improvement of the irisnet product can be used by all customers at once, i.e. any product innovation is available to all customers at once.