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by | Dec 3, 2021

Our emphasis is currently on image and video processing in real time with a focus on dating and youth protection. Use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of intelligent traffic telematics are being planned.

Irisnet offers its customers highly efficient, accurate and fast software solutions with use for image and video processing in real time. We have developed our own AI framework for this purpose. In our first financial year as a start-up, the technology is constantly being further developed and the business area is being built up in a targeted manner. As a result, we have already been able to win several well-known customers in recent months, especially from the field of social media/dating!

In contrast to other large providers such as Google or Facebook, our AI is among other things especially trained to meet the requirements of social media. Our customers confirm: the quality of our checks is therefore significantly better; the error rate is significantly lower!

Areas of application of our customers are in particular data protection and youth protection and the recognition of persons and objects. Irisnet does not save any checked images or films sent to our cloud infrastucture!

The technology of irisnet helps our customers to analyze image and video material in a very fast and accurate way and to avoid uploading unwanted contributions to the customers sites. The customer decides whether to have the image material checked bundled (e. g. once a day) or in real time. In the latter case, we usually respond faster than 0.05 sec. Our AI currently checks videos at a speed of 64 frames per second.

The customer decides for himself under which criteria or details photos, or videos should not appear on his page: he can currently choose from 7 different so-called checks or, of course, combine them. These include, for example the recognition of persons and objects, nudity and pornographic representations in various gradations, but also of (unwanted) texts.

The following checks are currently on offer at irisnet:

  • Recognition of faces and number of faces
  • Check for things like hands, feet, or shoes
  • Age Verification/verify there are no children
  • Check for nudity
  • Check for illegal symbols
  • Search for text in images (e. g. e-mail addresses, telephone numbers)
  • Recognition of a variety of attributes (e. g. hair, hair length, hair color, gender, beard, mask etc.)

In the area of the “Nudity Check” we offer the recognition of 13 different criteria, e. g. nudity of certain parts of the body.

The customer can also choose between many different image editing options. Certain, unwanted excerpts or details can be blurred or covered. Or the photo will not be released altogether, for this yes/no answer most customers currently opt.

The AI of irisnet only provides the information about rule violations, the decision of how to deal with it lies with the customer.

The AI software of irisnet is further developed according to the special requirements of the customers and distributed via various usage, delivery and licensing models. As an interested customer, you will have the opportunity to test our product first.

Due to the constantly growing legal requirements for providers of platforms and services on the Internet (e. g. social media, dating, music and video, etc.), the use of AI is becoming increasingly important. As an example, there are customers, who use it especially to meet MasterCard regulation 5195.

We are consistently developing irisnet’s technology and training in order to meet these requirements and the wishes of our customers and to further improve quality.  

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