Use of AI for pedestrian detection – Research project “smart traffic lights”

by | May 11, 2021

With the current ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court on the new climate law of the Federal Government, the legislator is obliged to regulate the reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions in the period after 2030 in more detail by the end of next year.

The Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer in particular is now called upon to take decisive steps to reduce emissions!

Together with research partners, irisnet plans to use AI to detect pedestrians at traffic lights.

Real-time detection should enable flexible and needs-based control of traffic lights, our goal is the invention of a “smart traffic light”!

Foot traffic is safer and more attractive through smart traffic lights, promoting environmental connectivity and thereby reducing harmful emissions.

In a composite system with intelligent light signalling systems of an entire city and other traffic sensors, traffic flows can be optimised for all road users in a perspective, and the emission of greenhouse gases is reduced sustainably: adjusted driving speed, fewer waiting times, fewer traffic jams, less stop-and-go, etc. irisnet has submitted a corresponding research application.

The smart traffic light for pedestrians is the entry into a technology that enables traffic to be controlled intelligently and thus in an environmentally friendly manner. Other road users are also happy about a traffic light, which avoids unnecessary standing times if necessary.