What at all can irisnet.de detect during the image moderation?

by | Feb 16, 2021

We have decided to provide regular information on the current status of our products on this blog – and this is where we start. The irisnet’s AI is able to test many different criteria. These criteria are summarized in so-called checks, so that there are a number of options for putting together exactly the right test. Our first product is aimed at image moderation for dating portals. This means that the many customers of dating portals no longer have to be approved manually, but can be used online directly and without noticeable delay. The AI has now been trained with more than 100 million images, including faces and counting them, but also an assessment of the age of the people depicted. Figure 1: In this picture, two adults and two children are identified In addition, not only the adults are identified here; in this example, the older lady in the background and the two children are also identified. In this case it was decided to make the children unrecognizable with a “blurring” effect. The age groups (child, adult and senior) are easy to recognize. Now, dating services may only want to have one adult depicted and may also want to know how many people are depicted in a picture. We took that to the extreme and had a few more people analyzed in one picture: Figure 2: A lot of people are in one picture here (out  system counts 364) In this image, which was returned in less than 0.1 seconds, our system not only returned the number of people, but also returned the hands, shoes and feet. Other topics are of course more important for dating portals, for example whether a person is showing us too much skin. In addition to actual nudity or text in the picture, our system can also identify the parts of a body that should actually remain private. In the following example a buttocks is recognized and – according to the requirement in this case – hidden. Overpainting was explicitly selected here, the face, for example, is of course still recognizable. Figure 3: The rear part was “painted over” by the system here Of course, such overpainting and the naming can be configured individually for each class. The whole system is safely located in a German data center and works according to European data protection standards.   What ideas do you have for such a system, what else should a system for dating portals be able to do?   Till Brauckmann, February 2021.