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by | Oct 19, 2020

Welcome !
We start this blog to regularly inform you about the current state of our products in the field of artificial Intelligence (KI). Moreover, we wish to inform you about recent developments and latest trends in the field of AI in general.. Our aim here is to help to understand the operating principle of AI, also including the strength and deficiencies of this special and highly complex technology.
We also opened our API and corresponding and multiple demos for you. Please follow the description in the text, because the demos are for spefic tasks only: Face Recognition Youth Protection Privacy Shield
Are you interested in technology and applications in the field of “AI” (artificial intelligence)? You have concrete applications and tasks in your company in the field of video and image analysis and moderation? Are you looking for a reliable partner with the appropriate know-how and technology?
That`s why you are here and we hope to address you with our blog. Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms here info@irisnet.de.
About Irisnet
Irisnet is a young startup that specializes in the development of AIs based on neural networks. Our AIs help with tasks in the field of video and image analysis. For several years now, a dedicated team from various disciplines such as computer science and psychology around Dr. Walter Benzing (Head of Development) has been developing its own framework. Our current focal points are:
and in future
The special feature of our Technology: Our AI’s can analyze videos in real time, e.g. in a full HD video with approx. 37 frames per second. But we are not only able to analyze videos, but also to react to them, e.g. by marking or even painting objects that are complained of. We are constantly working on the development of concrete applications in these areas !
We are happy to see you visiting our blog again!
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